How to succeed with Property to Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

The Steps to Success and Seven Critical Mistakes


Failing to plan for your property decisions can be one of the most expensive mistakes you can make. 

Property is often our largest asset, our biggest debt and often investors and home buyers make mistakes that cost them significantly and hold back their wealth creation. You don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, and this is why thinking through your Property Plan and Mortgage Strategy with a long-term view is vital. Many people struggle to get started or develop momentum.

A mistake in your home or investment strategy can be very costly and consequently have impacts on your retirement plans. It makes sense to seek specialist independent advice for accumulating your greatest asset. Like any profession, it takes years of experience to build your knowledge in property. I recommend you take advantage of the wisdom and experience that is shared in ‘How to Succeed in Property’. Before you do anything else, read this book and organise a meeting with the expert team at Property Planning Australia who provide fiercely independent Property Planning and have helped thousands of Australians since 2004.

95% of Property Education Courses Don’t Work. Here’s Why…
(and how to be the 5% who invest successfully in property)
Why seminar style generic property courses fail
Theory is great to get you started. But a general course won’t give you the experience or confidence you need for buying property and planning your investment portfolio. 

Property education courses always fail to provide two critically important ingredients:

Personalised written and verbal advise.

Support throughout your decision-making journey.
Without personalised advice from independent property professionals you are less likely to take any action. Or take action that is not the best strategy for you.

This makes sense as you are very likely to make major and expensive mistakes. Yet the reason you want property education is buy property safely and confidently! 

Business man speaking at seminar
Truly personalised advice sits at the top of the education pyramid.

Property education and mentoring courses are generic and not specific to your exact life situation.

It is also concerning, that they can be a front for either:

  • A ‘mentoring’ service which is code for zero personalised written strategy, modelling and analysis but ongoing ‘education’ that you keep paying through the nose for within largely a group setting.
  • Or worse, a way to sell you a property.

This is a core reason why 95% of property courses and mentoring are a rort!

They just give you general knowledge, basic information or attempt to sell you a poor asset.

It is costly, complex and time consuming to build from scratch personalised Property Plans and Strategies without earning a fee from selling or buying property, investment, insurance or super products.

This is why Property Planning Australia is the first company to take on such a huge task!

Why you need 100% independent property advie

You need a plan based on your goals, not someone else’s. For example:
  • Real estate agents work for the property owner, not you.
  • Property developers pay $15,000 – $50,000 in commissions to real estate agents, accountants, mortgage brokers and financial planners to steer you towards their properties at inflated prices to cover these commissions.
  • Property investment seminar companies only hold seminars to teach you how to buy the over-priced properties they’re selling on behalf of builders and developers.
  • Most financial planners recommend you buy shares instead of property because they don’t get paid for selling property, even if that’s the best option for you.
  • Buyers agents will not help you to develop a strategy and plan, they will only recommend property that is in their geographical area of expertise. The appropriate property for you could be anywhere in Australia.

Property Planning Australia provides 100% unbiased property advice and education.

They are the only company in Australia who does not receive a fee from buying or selling property, and do not sell investment or insurance products.

Three expensive mistakes to avoid

A weekend property course won’t prevent you making mistakes when buying property. Over the last 20 plus years working in the property and financial service industry we’ve seen many mistakes. Here are some of the most common and expensive errors (of the many you can make): 
Some “free” property advice from a biased adviser leading you to purchase an off the plan from a property developer at an inflated price. Average cost to you $30,000 – $40,000 now, $100,000 of thousands over lifetime of you owning that property.
Buying a property with a short term view, and being forced to sell because you did not factor in your future home purchase or another subsequent purchase and your mortgage strategy did not set you up to hold the asset. Average cost to you $50,000 – $60,000 ie selling costs like real estate agent fees + buying costs for your next property of stamp duty, legal fees, etc.
Buying in the wrong state, suburb, street or property type at the wrong time due to not having a long-term Property Plan. Or doing all these – leaving you with a dud property investment. Average cost to you is $500,000 in lost profits over 20 years on the typical sized property investment.
Free advice is the most expensive
In all the above cases, the advice is generally “free”. Of course, free advice is actually the most expensive. 

This is your biggest risk when getting property education and advice. If you don’t pay for advice, it will be biased advice. (Even the free advice from your friends and family is biased towards their own experiences and biases in life, good or bad, and generally conflicting causing you more confusion, and inaction).

There is a reason every property company either earns income from selling property, buying property, insurance, super and investment products. It is very difficult to create a personalised service!

This is why it’s so important to actually pay for quality advice. We do not question paying for a specialist Doctor if we need expert advice.

Just like you pay an accountant, doctor or lawyer for their advice. High quality advice always costs less than “free” advice in the long run.

Why you need a property plan?
Simply, because you want to be the 5% who do successfully buy and invest in property and retire not relying on a pension, and not the 95% who just attend courses and do nothing.
Common questions that a property plan helps you answer
  • Should I buy a home or investment property next (or both)?
  • How many properties do I really need to safeguard my retirement?
  • If I am buying a future home, what does it look, what will it cost, should it be next, and if not, how does that impact my investment decision?
  • What will my financial situation look like after I purchase and does this align with my Money Goals (hang on, I don’t set Money Goals)
  • How can I avoid having to rely only on superannuation or the pension when I retire?
  • Where do I get 100% unbiased advice?
  • How do I set up an effective Money Management System that seamlessly works in with my mortgage strategy?
  • How do I avoid paying too much when buying property?
  • How do I avoid property scams?
  • When should I buy my next property?
  • What location should I buy in (which is multi layered)?
  • What property type should I buy?
  • How does a mortgage strategy fit into buying multiple properties?
What is a property plan?
A weekend property course won’t prevent you making mistakes when buying property. Over the last 20 plus years working in the property and financial service industry we’ve seen many mistakes. Here are some of the most common and expensive errors (of the many you can make): 

It’s like a financial plan but for property (home or investment) and does not involve the sale of any financial products. Specifically, it takes all our property education and rolls it into personalised research and advice for your exact situation including modelling, simulations and cash flow analysis.

A property plan solves the #1 problem people talk about most: how to reach retirement comfortably and not worry about money so you can sleep easily when you head hits the pillow.

A customised property plan means you can enjoy a retirement that is financially stress free. The plan helps secure your financial future and gives you a safe path to retirement that lets you stop worrying about money.

If you’re worried about making costly mistakes when buying property, not having an effective mortgage strategy, risk management strategy or money management system and want to make the best possible investment decisions, then a property plan is for you.

What is the process?
The property planning journey starts with a deep analysis of your goals and financial situation including a thorough cash-flow analysis. 

Once your goals are clear and our analysis complete, you will have multiple meetings with you (in person and via video conference as appropriate). This builds your customised property plan around all your financial and personal needs for right now and into the future.

How long does it take?
The journey is:
The journey is usually one to two months to get clear on your Select pathway.

You have a number of meetings and receive multiple personalised plans and strategy reports to digest before determining the way forward.

This includes working closely with you throughout the process to ensure the plan is customised to your exact situation and specific needs. 

Our advanced financial modelling provides scenarios for various next property decisions, or future simulations with our Property Portfolio Plan over your next 5, 10 or until scaling back employment taking into account all of life’s changes along the way: buying more investment properties, upgrading or renovating your family home, pay rises, having children, parental leave breaks, school fees, property growth rates, inflation, interest rates, tax law changes, etc.

You’ll also get a full property education along the way (the University endorsed property course is included in the property planning journey).

How much does it cost?

Our property planning services range in price from $0 to $3,900 depending on your needs. 

This is money well spent when the most basic mistakes in property, mortgages, money management and poor risk managements could cost you anywhere from $10,000 – $1,000,000 plus over time (and mean an uncomfortable retirement with constant money worries).

A property plan will help you avoid these mistakes (and many more). Which is why your property plan is really an investment, not a cost.

About Us
David Johnston

David is the founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia. He is the author of ‘How to Succeed with Property to Create your Ideal Lifestyle’ and ‘Property for Life – Using Property to Plan Your Financial Future’ published by Wiley. Property Planning Australia was established in 2004 – born out of David’s vision to educate and empower Australians to make successful property, mortgage strategy and money management decisions on the pathway to creating their ideal lifestyle.

David’s driving force has always been family, and he thinks that is common for most. He has a passionate belief that independence from selling property and investment products focuses the advice and service squarely on you and your family. In 2007, Peter Koulizos, Australia’s most respected University and Tafe Property Lecturer partnered with the team and together they ran the only university endorsed property education course. Peter continues to partner with David and the team because of the focus on property, mortgage and money management strategies based on what is right for you. At its essence, Property Planning is designed to educate and empower you to make life’s most expensive and emotional decisions – to successfully buy property, the only asset class we live in and invest in.

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